donderdag 18 januari 2018

The most extraordinary experience, presented by LG OLED Display at Canton Tower, the landmark of China

LG Display OLED World Canton Tower
- The world largest OLED Tunnel
- The Mesmerizing OLED Wave Roof
- The Display Sciense Hall

woensdag 17 januari 2018

A slanted floating mirror and dazzling LED Floor.

The French indie Rockers Group Phoenix started its’ world Tour, Ti Amo, in North America in May this year, before rocking the festival season here in Europe, then hitting the Asian continent and returning for their shows in London and Paris this month of September.

Once the whole of the creative design in place, Live Nation France, renowned organizer of prestigious concerts worldwide, approached PRG France with a very ambitious and challenging set design needing to dazzle spectators on a festival stage as well as an Arena stage, without changing the design. The guideline resumed itself in ‘modularity and time saving touring concepts’ for this Phoenix World Tour, for which PRG France pulled in the PRG Projects team, who specializes in the integration and development of unique staging and visualisation items.

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dinsdag 16 januari 2018

Samsungs new Interactive Digital Flip Chart.

Samsung has releasing a Flip digital whiteboard (or "interactive digital flip chart" in Samsung speak) that can take on collaborative screens like the Google Jamboard. The 55-inch 4K display lets up to four people draw or add content at once, whether they're using their fingers or a dual-sided pen. And as the name suggests, you're not locked to a landscape view. You can flip the display vertical if you're writing a list or just don't have room for a wide screen, and it can be wall-mounted if it's going to be a permanent fixture.

You can connect devices either wirelessly or through USB, and share your screen if you want to see what's on someone's PC or phone. Want to see it in your office? Samsung hasn't disclosed pricing just yet, but the Flip will be available in both Europe and the US later in January. It's certainly not the first digital whiteboard and is arguably targeting a tough-to-crack market -- you have to really want to move past old-school markers. Samsung does have plenty of experience with connected devices and big screens, though, so it might have an edge.

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zondag 14 januari 2018

Turkish Airlines - Piccadilly Lights.

From Ocean Outdoor .

Samsung has plans to offer its Micro-LED TV (The Wall) in modular sizes.

Earlier this week Samsung unveiled its MicroLED TV, called The Wall. This is a modular display that is completely seamless. At CES Samsung unveiled a 146" 4K display, but according to this new video from Samsung the company will also offer it in customized sizes.

A close-up look at Samsung's Micro LED technology

CES 2018 - Panasonic Smart Design Cockpit

Abt Electronics talks to Panasonic at CES 2018 about their smart design cockpit.

65-inch rollable OLED TV.

We’ve seen the future of TV, and it rolls up like a newspaper. Now you can see it, too.

After two years of watching white-gloved LG Display engineers gingerly roll up prototype OLED panels, the company has finally created a functioning roll-up OLED TV. Of course the idea of being able to roll up your TV, throw it in your backpack and take it wherever you want is a fun, futuristic idea, but LG has found a more practical application for a rolling OLED television. It is both literally and figuratively the most flexible TV ever made.

This is how it works: flexible OLED panel is mounted to a motorized spindle, set in a rectangular box. You can’t see the mechanics, all you see is the TV going up and down. But why would you want to be able to move your TV up and down like this?

The appeal of hiding your TV is clear. When you don’t want to see your TV, you simply put it away. But the practical applications go further than that. You can adjust the TV so that it’s sized for different aspect ratios. Admittedly, different aspect ratios have a smaller size, but this is a very cool application for watching movies.

You may have noticed that, when watching movies, you see black bars on the top and the bottom of the screen. This is because many movies are filmed in a 2.39:1 (or 21:9) aspect ratio, and a convention 16:9 widescreen TV can’t fit the picture. To accommodate, the letterbox bars are added so you can see the full width of the film. By rolling this TV down to obscure part of the screen, the rolling OLED TV can be resized to 21:9, and the black bars are unneeded.

Roll it down a bit further, and you can have an extremely low-profile display which could be used for computing, informational display, or simply for showing pictures. Use your imagination. What would you place in a slick strip of roll-up OLED TV?

The TV won’t be seen commercially in 2018, but it could very well be LG’s flagship offering in 2019. This time next year, we could be talking about when you could buy your own roll-up OLED. Between now and then, LG TV needs to take this display and build it into a TV. It will need a box to handle HDMI connections, the processing chips, optical digital audio output jacks, and all the other features we’re used to seeing in a TV. It’s also possible LG’s TV division could somehow fold a soundbar into the final design. It’s also possible the TV could be hidden in a piece of furniture, so you wouldn’t have a TV in the room until you pressed a button on a remote control.

woensdag 10 januari 2018

LG's "canyon"

Take a walk through LG's "canyon" of TV's at CES 2018. It's made up of over 250 crystal clear OLED screens.

dinsdag 9 januari 2018

The power of Augmented Reality & Computer Vision - Blippar's latest tech breakthroughs.

Welcome to Blippar – where AR and AI meet. Here's an overview of our latest achievements and industry breakthroughs in Augmented Reality and Computer Vision (a field of Artificial Intelligence). From our face recognition technology – the largest and most accurate in the world – to our industry-first web based augmented reality experiences and our breakthrough in location based AR with our Urban Visual Positioning technology, we put the power of AR and AI at your fingertips.

What will you discover, create, or publish?

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