donderdag 16 november 2017

Rockettes Christmas Spectacular in New York.

This teaser was used to promote the new LED projections at Radio City Music Hall as seen in the Rockettes’ Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

woensdag 15 november 2017

Taiwan's ITRI to build a pilot line for micro-LED VR displays.

Taiwan's Electronic and Optoelectronic System Research Laboratories (EOSRL, part of ITRI) has launched a project that aims to develop Micro-LED displays for large-area signage indoor displays.

According to a new report from Taiwan, EOSRL's new line, which will begin operation in Q3 2018, will be also used to produce small displays for VR applications. EOSRL reveals that the pilot line is already able to handle 2500 (50x50) chips per transfer, and by the time it is ready it will be able to handle 100,000 chips (100x100).

VR is indeed a very interesting application for Micro-LED displays. In October 2016 Facebook's Oculus announced that it as acquired InfiniLED, a Micro-LED display developer based in Ireland. Oculus plans for InfiniLED's display solutions was not stated, but it is likely that Oculus is interested in next-generation VR displays.

maandag 13 november 2017

Shiftwear Sneakers.

Shiftwear sneakers enable users to change the design of the flexible screen through an app. Giving them full control over what they choose to display and the power to change their style as often as they choose. The product includes walk to charge technology enabling users to walk all day while powering up their sneakers, the latest Wifi/ bluetooth connectivity and multiple sensors including an accelerometer & gyroscope, that allow users to interact with their sneakers in multiple ways.

Available for pre-order now, be one of the first in the world to wear them.

Only available online:

How to make your LED ticker unique.

You have a cool one of a kind space. You have already installed a video wall or LCD screen to communicate with your audience. Now you are considering a Ticker but you are looking for ideas on how to make your LED Ticker unique. The primary objective of the Ticker is to get people to stop and say “that’s cool”. It is really a branding fixture that lets you stream Twitter feeds, headline news, sports scores, and stock quotes to entertain people. The constant flow of a LED Ticker display has a mesmerizing effect.

Extend you Ticker to any length.
Follow the contour of your walls or bend around a corner.
Design it as a circle.
Rotate the display to go vertically.

Your Ticker is best when planned into your space, not an afterthought. When planning, look at areas that are highly visible or have curved surfaces. By molding a ticker into your architecture you can create that one of a kind experience that makes your bank, lobby, or bar different from your competition down the street.


zaterdag 11 november 2017

Mastercard Eyes the Future of Retail with AR.

The concept is being demo’d at a payments trade show two weeks ago in Las Vegas by the credit card company.

Says a press release:

Mastercard unveiled an augmented reality shopping experience today that for the first time incorporates Masterpass and Identity Check Mobile with iris authentication for safe and seamless payments.  Developed with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, and ODG (Osterhout Design Group), it delivers photorealistic augmented reality and provides consumers the ultimate customized, security-focused shopping experience.

Augmented reality has the potential to reshape the retail environment, making it more immersive and efficient. This new AR experience from Mastercard will not only let shoppers view digital representations of products before they commit to a purchase, but also learn more about what they are buying, see additional options not available in the physical location and get instant recommendations or other information relevant to their unique experience. When done shopping, users can pay for items using Masterpass, which will first authenticate the user’s iris using Qualcomm Technologies’ iris authentication. The shopper then selects a card from their Masterpass-enabled wallet and completes the purchase by selecting the Masterpass button on the screen. Items can be taken home from the store or shipped, depending on availability.

“At Mastercard, we are seeing major shifts in how commerce is conducted, as people lead increasingly connected, digital lifestyles,” said Sherri Haymond, executive vice president, Digital Partnerships, Mastercard. “As the physical and digital worlds blend together, we are focused on developing solutions that provide merchants with the ability to accept payments across all technology platforms possible—in-store, in-app, online, and in AR and VR—to help drive how people will experience shopping and payments in the future.”

vrijdag 10 november 2017

Unseen Stars” at Grand Central Terminal

Working with GE and advertising firm BBDO, Obscura projected animations and images of twelve women scientists on the ceiling of New York's Grand Central Terminal in celebration of their work.

From Obscura Digital

donderdag 9 november 2017

woensdag 8 november 2017

eGlass Animation & Projection System.

Obscura has developed a system to animate and project digital media on "pixelated" panes of eGlass.

 from Obscura Digital

dinsdag 7 november 2017

Digital Vegetables Party.

Taking the place of Tokyo Designers Week, the annual Design Touch exhibition is a free showcase of the some of the most innovative art installations in Japan, and 2017 marks the event’s 11th year at Tokyo Midtown — a 569,000-square-meter and $3 billion-dollar mixed-use development in Akasaka. Digital Vegetables, the exhibit/event that seems to be getting the most attention, is the brainchild of a big data, VR and IoT digital design company simply dubbed Party, and it’s essentially the coolest greenhouse anyone’s ever seen.

This functional plant shelter is not only lined with countless LEDs flickering bright and brilliant colors across Tokyo Midtown’s garden space, but it also involves touch capability and audio flourishes for a harmonious mash-up of nature and modern technology. Upon interaction, each of the greenhouse’s seven vegetable offerings triggers a different noise, rendered by mingling natural sounds like rustling leaves with melodic instruments from the orchestral palette. For example, cabbages trigger oboes, tomatoes prompt the violins, carrots trigger trumpets and so on thanks to the project’s Sound Designer Ray Kunimoto. During daylight hours, Digital Vegetables sheds its nightclub vibe and reverts back to being a mild-mannered and practical greenhouse, but after dark, it transforms into an immersive, interactive and simultaneously whimsical monument to civic beauty.  

While this dazzling display of light emitting diodes in an unconventional environment doesn’t involve any actual digital displays or signage, it does feature a smart and synergistic combination of audio, immersion and touch capability, implemented in a way that could be considered a riff on dayparting. And perhaps we don’t talk or write enough about the auditory aspects of digital and LED installations. When appropriate for the project and its deployment (like Digital Vegetables), its use can be the keystone and/or x-factor that brings everything together into a cohesive whole.

Digital Vegetables was running through November 5, 2017.


Canada’s largest.

Cadillac Fairview (CF) has combined two adjacent outdoor screens at the Toronto Eaton Centre (TEC) to create a single, 785-m2 (8,454-sf) digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising space, managed by Branded Cities Canada.

Clear Channel Outdoor Canada (CCOC), Branded Cities’ predecessor, launched the two 27.4 x 13.7-m (90 x 45-ft) ‘digital tower’ screens in September 2016. With CF’s addition of a bullnose to unify them, the tower is now Canada’s largest single digital display.

In fact, it is 45 per cent bigger than the second-largest, a 540-m2 (5,820-sf) screen on the nearby Atrium on Bay (AOB) media tower. Both face Toronto’s bustling Yonge-Dundas Square, which sees 146,000 daily visitors.