woensdag 20 juni 2018

Motorola patents a technology to fix low-temperature foldable display deformation.

Motorola has been granted an interesting patent that aims to solve screen deformation with foldable displays. Motorola says that one of the issues with foldable displays is that they deform in low temperatures.Motorola suggests using a temperature sensor that detects when the display is deformed, and then the hinge is heated so that the display is automatically corrected. This could be used to create foldable OLEd phones that bend both inward and outwards, and can work with more than one hinge (so that you can fold a display several times).

dinsdag 19 juni 2018

Windows 10 dual-screen laptops with e-ink are coming this yea

Intel has shown off a new dual-screen laptop prototype that could be in stores by the end of the year. For the past three decades laptops have stayed faithful to the concept of a screen combined with a physical keyboard, but Intel and PC makers may change that status quo if the dual-screen laptop is embraced by consumers. Gregory Bryant, Intel's senior vice president of client computing, told CNET to expect foldable displays, bendable objects, and "things that fit in your purse", presumably meaning mobile computing devices running on Intel and not Arm-based chips. At Computex, the chip maker showed off its Tiger Rapids dual-screen PC prototype, which mimics a Moleskine pen-and-paper notebook and is slimmer than an iPhone. The main or left screen is a standard 7.9-inch LCD display running Windows, while the right screen is a low-energy e-ink or electronic paper display, purpose-built for scribbling on. See: Personal digital assistants: The current lineup The prototype device has a battery life of 13 to 15 hours and just one USB-C port to demonstrate that the Tiger Rapids concept is aimed at mobile wireless computing. The idea of a part-smartphone-part-laptop has gained momentum among some consumers captivated by the idea that Microsoft may be building a dual-screen mobile device

Samsung did not reveal the price of its new TV - but maybe that's because it is a modular premium commercial display - so each order will be handled differently. It is estimated that the price of the 146" model will be at least $100,000. The Wall Professional features HDR 10+ and its brightness is up to 1,600 nits.

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