vrijdag 31 oktober 2014

Is touch the new white in the school classroom ?

Bron; www.avinteractive.com

Touch technology is generally regarded as user friendly and intuitive, overcoming the hesitation of non-tech savvy members of staff, offering multiple touches, making the screens super-accessible for dynamic and interactive learning.

With the operating PC either integrated within the screen (OPS slot) or strapped to the back, they form a single reliable unit which can be configured once by the IT department and then requires no more than to be switched on.

Potential for tampering by mischievous students is also thus extremely limited, especially if a secure log-in protocol is established to ensure that only staff can access the screen.

There is no possibility of mis-alignment, and screen brightness can be readily adjusted by a remote or on-screen control in the light of prevailing conditions during each lesson. Since the applications being used are exactly the same, the transition requires no training for staff. The screen glass is also comparatively robust and very easy to clean with a wipe or if necessary with stronger detergents.

School budgets are always under pressure, so the key argument must be economic. Such screens use less than 10 per cent of the power of an IWB and projector combination, and their 60,000 hour rated life translates to well over 10 years use. Studies show that the total cost of acquiring and running a touch screen is over 20 per cent lower than the cost of an IWB over five years.

Touch screens are more convenient and cost less to run than IWBs. Large format screens are being widely adopted in many different applications including retail, transport, hospitality and corporate environments. This is bringing economies of scale leading to reduced manufacturing cost. There is little doubt that this is the technology of the future for the classroom too.


Here’s a five year operating cost of an Interactive White Board compared with a large format touch screen.

Smartboards can draw 2kW and projectors 2-400W. As these can be left on for six hours for every day in a school year that adds up to a significant power consumption.

Replacement bulbs can cost £200, and will need replacing every one to two years depending on use levels. A touch screen can draw under 200W, significantly less than a smartboard and projector combination, and can last for five years, much longer than projectors or IWBs.

All the figures below are based on six hours use for 220 days per year with electricity at 13.4p per unit.

donderdag 30 oktober 2014

Synchronized Video Wall by 11Giraffes.

11Giraffes offers a new way to build eye-catching video walls that scale in shape and size, creating the ultimate visual experience. Our synchronized video wall solution is created by tiling over 200 displays in any shape or configuration. Traditional video walls scale content across displays. This reduces video quality and restricts the experience to standard aspect ratios. However, 11Giraffes synchronized video walls support full HD quality video on every display, and may be tiled to create shapes that simply cannot be ignored. -Up to 1920x1080 resolution video on every display -Landscape, portrait and even angled orientations -Synchronize over 200 displays with PC media players -Synchronize up to 50 Samsung Smart Signage Platform displays -Manage your video wall using the same great 11Giraffes software used for your other digital signage

woensdag 29 oktober 2014

Easy Presenter 2055.

De Easy Presenter 2055 is een alles-in-één presentatietrolley die zeer flexibel inzetbaar is. Het ontwerp combineert hoge presentatiekwaliteiten met nieuwe gebruikersgemakken. Representatief voor elke ruimte.

strak en functioneel design
Gemak en eenvoud vormen de basis voor deze slimme presentatieset. Het systeem is voorzien van een 55” scherm en is daarmee geschikt voor elke middelgrote meetingroom of hospitality-/ontvangstruimte. De trolley is zeer stabiel en moeiteloos te verplaatsen van de ene naar de andere ruimte. Kabels en losse onderdelen zijn netjes weggewerkt.

Het centrale presentatieplateau biedt aansluitmogelijkheden en stroomvoorzieningen voor een laptop of andere device. Het zorgt daarmee voor een nette uitstraling en voor veel gebruiksgemak. Iedereen kan zonder instructie met dit systeem werken. Het knoppenpaneel toont namelijk alleen die bedieningsfuncties die relevant zijn, bovendien kan de gebruiker het systeem niet uit zijn routine halen. Het kiezen van verschillende bronnen is uiterst eenvoudig. Zo kan iedereen snel informatie presenteren en delen. Doordat er geen gebruik wordt gemaakt van een losse afstands bediening kan deze ook niet wegraken.

Het centrale plateau vormt tevens de ideale behuizing voor het Bose geluidssysteem, waarmee deze presentatieset een bijzonder goede geluidskwaliteit in huis heeft. Geluid maakt immers vaak deel uit van uw presentatie of video.

dinsdag 28 oktober 2014

Order Picking and more.

Imagine working hands-free with augmented reality via smart glasses. This video shows a warehouse picker getting directions on his smart glasses. SAP is working with smart eyewear company Vuzix to unleash to power of augmented reality. Create efficiencies for your organization across lines of businesses by enabling real-time access to data for factory workers.


zondag 26 oktober 2014

Screen with FIRE !!

“A Thousand Faces” Tour

For the majestic Beats Antique tour “A Thousand Faces - Act 1”, Obscura joined forces with Director Ivan Landau and a band of artists to bring an elaborate stage production of Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey” to life. The show was a successful fusion of Obscura’s performance technology innovations with Beats Antique’s rich multi-dimensional theatrical show. The live convergence of narrative, image, sight, and sound was a multi-sensory experience like no other.

Obscura transformed the physical into the metaphysical with an architectural projection experience that flowed with optical illusions, dissolving the “fourth wall.” “We wanted to create something that was new, yet nostalgic,” stated Ivan Landau. “The visual storytelling comes right off the stage, like a pop-up book, seamlessly blending hand-made artistry with technology.”

Unique content pieces were created for nineteen songs, as well as transitional pieces, spanning over a one-and-a-half hour show. Obscura integrated a diverse collection of artwork into its projection mapping system, including miniature sets, puppetry, clay animation, 3D animation, painting, illustration, photography and live action. The aesthetically stunning visual effects were projected onto a hand-crafted stage set, reminiscent of a mythological village.

Obscura’s interactive motion tracking software followed the movement of performer Zoe Jakes with real-time visuals such as particles, masking, and lighting treatments, visually extending her live performance. The band had full control during the show to enable these special effects, adding new dynamic elements from one show to next during the tour.

"Obscura has been closely connected to Beats Antique throughout their creative journey,” said Matty Dowlen, Chief of Production. “We are proud to be able to finally collaborate on a project that showcases the music and performance art of Beats Antique, highlighted by the technology and creative design of Obscura."

For this show, Obscura immersed live audiences into the creative storyline of “A Thousand Faces - Act 1” by adding depth to the stage production using intricate detail and the craftsmanship of talented artists. Keep an eye out for what’s to come with Act 2 of the show, which can be seen live during the Spring 2014 tour.

Centre Parc Woburn Forest.

To celebrate the opening of Center Parcs Woburn Forest, Walker Media, Posterscope and psLIVE worked in collaboration to deliver a highly immersive experience. The campaign, which involved a takeover of Waterloo Station, combined technology with a brand activation that delivered traditional activities with a modern twist. A 360⁰ experience, featuring Oculus Rift headsets, transported participants to the Zip wires through virtual reality footage, whilst a virtual archery game allowed players to shoot bows connected to Nexus smartphones. At the same time, the motion@waterloo screen above featured earned social and UGC such as tweets and photos, and official Center Parcs staff was on hand to ensure a positive and authentic experience.

Credit: . Posterscope, psLIVE and Walker Media

See the video here.

"The Walking Dead" take Vienna with augmented reality-digital signage campaign.

The season premier of the zombie-centric hit TV show “The Walking Dead” was last night in Austria — with an added kick thanks to a gory augmented reality-digital signage campaign.
TV network Sky Austria and Austrian out-of-home ad firm Gewista (part of the JCDecaux Group) converted a Vienna tram stop into the “Scary Shelter,” a two-day experiential campaign featuring digital signage and augmented reality making it appear as though the zombie apocalypse was hitting the capital.
The installation combined zombie footage shot for the campaign with a real-time feed of the Vienna streetscape, surprising people waiting for trams and allowing passersby to “appear” in the screamfest.
Bron: digitalsignagetoday.com

vrijdag 24 oktober 2014

Certus Bank Flagship Video Wall.

This awesome project showcases our work on the nation’s largest multi-touch, multi-user video wall by square footage. (It is also the tallest)

For this project we provided the interactive hardware technology and created the interactive content content experience which offers multiple people their own interactive zone to explore historical facts about South Carolina, play educational and fun trivia games, keep up to date with the news and weather, explore the banks services, discover funny facts, peruse a host of engaging art and cultural content, and so much more.

In addition the wall allows multiple users to interact within their own ‘zone’ so that one user’s experience does not infringe upon another. All of this in a stylish yet professionally presented format that is easy to walk up to and just begin interacting with whether you are 6 or 65. Finally the wall acts as a massive billboard to the street during periods of inactivity, as well as at night, so as to draw attention from all who are walking by on Main Street. The video below showcases the flagship branch specifically although we did do several other smaller video walls in some of their other key locations throughout South Carolina.

woensdag 22 oktober 2014

Details Curved Edge Super AMOLED Display.

At ‘IFA 2014′ held in September this year in Germany, there was a product caught the attention of many people with innovative features and design of products. It is the ‘Galaxy Note edge‘. It is getting hot attention becasue it equips with the world’s first flexible display which one side is the curved edge. The Galaxy Note edge employed a flexible display called ‘Curved Edge Display’. By offering a distinctive appearance and function curving the right side of the display, the doubt about the effectiveness of a flexible display has been disappered right way.

The side of Edge Display is one step further folded strtucture, not one-sided surfaces as a single. It was designed with a multi-curvature of 7R radius of the edge part running icon, etc and 13R radius of the bezel (7R means the degree of curvature bent with a radius of the circle of 7mm. It is the most bent product euqipped with a flexible product among other flexible products ever released.)
,br> To implement with different curvature like this requires a technology with a high degree of difficulty in the ‘curved edge display’ process. This technology helps you to touch the icon accurately withouht slipping your fingers on the display surface and improve the grip of the smartphone.

The Curved Edge Display‘ is more thin and lightweight than glass and it is strong on impact as it uses a polyimide substrate,which is a kind of plastic. In addition Gorilla glass of Corning is used for the toughened glass, it protects the part of edge with high hardness & strength and it is strong at damages caused by the scrach, fall, etc.

More information here

maandag 20 oktober 2014


More than 1000 attendees from all over the world will meet in the center of Munich to discover the latest Augmented Reality demos and enjoy two days of full power AR!

More than 58 speakers from around the world will present on two stages hot topics such as wearables and other emerging technologies at InsideAR, including the latest 3D optics and Augmented Reality applications.

Projection mapping Gamma World Museum of Contemporary Art Circular Quay Sydney Vivid 2014.

Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney for Vivid 2014. Mapping and Projection technologyprovided by TDC-Technical Direction Company. www.tdc.com.au Design: Spinifex Group. www.spinifexgroup.com

Projection mapping Urban Tree MLC Centre Martin Place Sydney Vivid 2014.

AMP Tower, Sydney Australia. Mapping and Projection technology provided by TDC-Technical Direction Company. www.tdc.com.au Equipment: Barco Projectors and Coolux Pandoras Box. Design and Concept: Ample Projects.

Video Mapping work.

Some genius video mapping work by videosupport.

vrijdag 17 oktober 2014

Mirror glass an innovative solution for horse coaching, riding hall and arena.


OFF: Mirror-effect by switch at a button (telecomander controlled)


ON: Unreflective silvergrey-surface  (telecommander controlled) 


ON: Advertisment by special dustprotected short distance Projectors 

Quick Return on invest by sponsoring parnership.
However, ..this mode can be used for coaching videos, videoconference etc

Most sold modules 2000 mm (width) x 1800mm (height). 
Nearly Frameless connecting will be possible ( 8000 x 1800 mm)

donderdag 16 oktober 2014

De Spaxels komen: Projektie aan de donkere hemel.

Het tijdperk van de drone is aangebroken - en heeft nu ook de visuele communicatie bereikt. Met Spaxels brengt het Oostenrijkse bedrijf Ars Electronica driedimensionale concepten van licht in de hemel te leven.

De term Spaxel staat voor de combinatie van ruimte en pixel. Deze QuadroCopter is met LED licht uitgerust. Ars Electronica verzorgt niet alleen de bereiding van de choreografie en de controle van ten minste 30 vliegende objecten. Het bedrijf heeft ook de bijbehorende software ontwikkeld die deze lichten in de lucht zo kunstig laat samenwerken

Spaxels Quadcopter Swarm Lightpainting / Linz, Austria 12/11/2013

Smart Atoms are the latest enhanced and upgraded version of the spaxels, developed by Ars Electronica Futurelab. Instead of being equipped with LEDs, the quadcopters are interlinked as building blocks. This will make it possible not only to form visual likenesses but also to generate objects with material-virtual characteristics.

Spaxels - Clusters of Light, Sharjah 2014

IKEA Motivational Mirror.

49 % der Briten bekommen in einer durchschnittlichen Woche keine Komplimente und 33 % von ihnen finden, dass sie Montags vor 9 Uhr am am schlimmsten aussehen. 43,6 Millionen Menschen in Grossbritannien stehen ihrem Aussehen kritisch gegenüber.
Diese aktuelle Statistik nahm IKEA zum Anlass den Engländern mehr Selbstvertrauen zu geben und erfand den „Motivierenden Spiegel“. In der Möbelausstellung platziert, verteilt dieser Komplimente an die, die an ihm vorbeikommen oder sich vor ihm zurechtzupfen.
Eine Kinect-Steuerung mit Bewegungssensor und eine spezielle Programmierung erzeugen personalisierte Nachrichten, die auf dem Spiegel und über einen Lautsprecher an den Mann und die Frau gebracht werden und diese glücklich mache sollen.

With well over two-thirds of Britons claiming image insecurity and self-doubt, IKEA have today announced the launch of the ‘Motivational Mirror’ – bestowing personalised compliments to provide the nation with a much needed morale boost.

Head over to Here to discover the A to Zzz, 26 tips to help you start and end each day better.

dinsdag 14 oktober 2014

Ice video projection for Germany’s Hamburg Freezers.

System integrator, elchmedia, has joined forces with Germany’s Hamburg Freezers ice hockey team, to achieve a first in arena installations: on ice video projection with Blackmagic Design equipment, using the rink at Hamburg’s O2 World Arena as a giant screen.

As well introducing each of the players to the arena, the pre match video content also shows player statistics and footage of them training at different locations around Hamburg, as well as a countdown to the match itself.

“Although there are many screens around the stadium, it made perfect sense to us to take advantage of this huge blank white space, which all 13,000 spectators can see,” explains Jens Kelch, founder, elchmedia. “When the stadium’s lights dim, we’re able to build the excitement and create an electric atmosphere with pre-recorded video and audio as the teams take to the ice. Suddenly the thousands of pairs of eyes become one, all watching the action unfold.”

Whilst this sounds like a simple idea, in practice, achieving a perfectly synchronised HD projection over the ice using multiple projectors is a challenging task. In order to use the ice to its fullest potential, Kelch developed an HD video playout and projection system with an SDI based video router from Blackmagic Design at its core.

Signals are played from two PC systems equipped with DeckLink Quad capture cards; one in SD to feed the central videocube; the other in HD (1920×1080) to feed four ice projectors. Split into four, the HD signals are fed into a software playout solution and synchronised with blackburst, where a blank video signal is generated. The signals are converted to SDI and then fed to the Compact Videohub. Synchronization is essential for a successful workflow. “As well as the blackburst synchronisation, we use a Blackmagic Design UltraScope to keep the feeds monitored constantly. Just a fraction of a second in delay on one of the signals and the whole effect is destroyed,” explains Kelch.

The router feeds each signal over optical fibre and Blackmagic Mini Converters SDI to Optical Fibre and Optical Fibre to SDI to the four projectors, resulting in a giant ice projection. “When the ice projection, the central videocube and stadium monitors are all showing the same content, no matter where fans are seated, the feeling is very immersive. Everywhere you look, you can’t help but be swept along with the match build up.

The O2 Arena has also upgraded its match recording, monitoring and playback facilities to HD. “Match footage has to be available to every club in the league to facilitate match analysis and strategy We chose to implement a HyperDeck Studio Pro broadcast deck, because it allows the input of synchronized timecode, which is essential for playback and offers support for SD, HD and Ultra HD,” explains Kelch.

Three isolated camera feeds are captured separately on three HyperDeck Studio Pro recorders, with a fourth recording the main program mix. At the end of each quarter the SSDs are exchanged and are directly accessible for preparing the highlights cut. The rack also includes SmartView monitors and an Audio Monitor to provide a comprehensive visual monitoring system. The signals from Camera 1 and Camera 2 are not only recorded on the HyperDeck Studio Pro units, but are also recorded on a laptop utilizing a H.264 Pro Recorder and Blackmagic Media Express, recording in 720p. These files are then uploaded to the portal for the league.

“Whether we are providing content before, during or after the match, Blackmagic Design products ensure that our video production is not only accurate down to a split second but also of extremely high quality,” concludes Kelch.

Full HD-monitoren met USB-videoweergave voor digitale informatievoorziening

bron; www.digitailing.nl

De PN-Y-serie maakt digitale informatievoorziening toegankelijk en betaalbaar voor ieder bedrijf

Sharp lanceert vandaag de PN-Y-serie, een nieuwe lijn gebruiksvriendelijke en betaalbare professionele monitoren. Deze serie is uitstekend inzetbaar om klanten en bezoekers van publieke en commerciële ruimtes, zoals winkels, kantoren, wachtkamers of stations te voorzien van digitale informatie. De LED-monitoren met Edge Lit-technologie en geïntegreerde USB-mediaspeler zijn vanaf vandaag in heel Europa verkrijgbaar. De beeldschermen bieden een hoge beeldkwaliteit en kunnen beelden rechtstreeks uit een playlist afspelen, zonder dat daarvoor randapparatuur nodig is. De schermen zijn verkrijgbaar in vier formaten oplopend tot 55 inch.

Michael Bailly, Product Planning en Marketing Director bij Visual Solutions Sharp Europe: “Met de PN-Y-serie spelen we in op de vraag naar een meer eenvoudige, betaalbare en betrouwbare informatievoorziening. Sharp staat bekend om haar kennis van display-technologie. Dankzij deze expertise is professionele informatievoorziening nu binnen handbereik voor ieder bedrijf: van zelfstandige winkel zonder IT-ondersteuning tot grote onderneming of museum.”

De monitoren hebben een uitstekende beeldkwaliteit dankzij de full HD-resolutie (1920 x 1080) en een hoog helderheids- en contrastniveau. De dunne informatieschermen met anti-reflectiecoating beschikken over een LED backlight-systeem, wat een hoogwaardige kleurenweergave mogelijk maakt – zelfs onder een grote kijkhoek. De robuuste en duurzame PN-Y-monitoren zijn voorzien van een stofvrij koelsysteem en een temperatuursensor, waardoor ze een lange, aansluitende periode aan kunnen staan (het 32 inch model zelfs permanent). De monitoren met dunne rand laten de afgespeelde beelden zowel in een horizontale als in een verticale opstelling goed tot hun recht komen.

Eenvoudige integratie
De PN-Y-monitoren zijn eenvoudig te integreren met grotere informatiesystemen en beschikken over een volledige reeks PC- en video-aansluitingen, waaronder HDMI, DV-I en D-Sub. Met DV-I kunnen meerdere schermen serieel geschakeld worden aan één bronscherm. Door de schermen op elkaar aan te sluiten kan één beeld over meerdere schermen verdeeld weergegeven worden (screen split-functie), maar ook hetzelfde beeld op meer schermen tegelijk weergegeven worden (display cloning-functie). De schermen zijn te besturen via LAN en via RS232C-bediening en beschikken over krachtige, ingebouwde speakers.

De PN-Y-serie is verkrijgbaar in een 32 (PN-Y325), 42 (PN-Y422), 47 (PN-Y472) en 55 (PN-Y555) inch model.

maandag 13 oktober 2014

A Squeezable Light Bulb That Slurps Up Color.


Designed by PEGA Design & Engineering, the Colorup is a big, squeezable light bulb that can snatch up color. In other words, it’s like a squishy Philips Hue light bulb, but without having to dial in a color through a connected app.

You just place the tip of the Colorup on top of an object and give it a squeeze to slurp up its color, dyeing the lamp’s LED light with the detected color. It can turn as red as your Converse All-Stars or as green as a Granny Smith apple with just a squeeze.It can mimic hundreds of colors in total, all with a neat little affordance that just looks like a joy to use.

There’s no word yet on what the Colorup will cost, although PEGA says it’ll be available before the year is out. So if you want one, hopefully you’ll have an extra red or green bulb under the Christmas tree this year.

Touch Interactive Globe.

This Multi-user, multi-touch spherical system enables you to present information in one of the most compelling and interactive ways possible. 

More information here
Demo Video

iS-digital required something very special to stand out at an amazing show like Venues and Events LIVE - and we had it. Great examples of our products - from the revolutionary Touch Interactive Globe and our Multi Touch systems in Table, Wall & Kiosk modes - to Video Walls and Intelligent Signage – all coupled with the range of creative, compelling digital content we provide which made it a real show stopper.

Video Venues and Events LIVE


Advertising & Promotional video of NOMYU, premium digital billboard and outdoor lcd.

More at www.nomyu.com

vrijdag 10 oktober 2014

Les étoiles du dodo.

Trio Orange mandated Moment Factory to create the immersive multimedia set for "Les Étoiles du dodo", a new television series for children between the ages of 3 and 5. Broadcast on the YOOPA channel, this series consists of 120 seven minute long episodes where the viewer goes on a journey on a star through an immersive fantasy world. With the creation of over 300 distinctive content elements, Moment Factory developed the backdrop of the scenario illustrating the 12 different stars that we discover in the show.

woensdag 8 oktober 2014

A hair-raising message.

With your support, research can continue to make progress. Text HOPP to 72900 (only in Sweden) to contribute with 50 SEK. Every gift makes a big difference. Help us spread the video!

A special thanks to Apotek Hjärtat for letting us borrow the original idea!

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation

Foto shot October

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maandag 6 oktober 2014


Wuxi Inter IKEA chose Daktronics ProPixel® freeform elements to cover their three-story glass elevator shaft. All three sides of the elevator now has semi-transparent LEDs set at 50 millimeter line spacing and measures approximately 15 meters high by 8 meters wide. 

a shopping mall in China that used a Daktronics LED set-up to wrap a 50-foot tall elevator column in the middle of the mall’s center courtyard

Daktronics provides state-of-the-art LED technology with is quality assured, both in use and installation,” said Magnus d’Oldenburg, senior property director for Inter Ikea Center China Ltd. “Our new huge screen makes an unforgettable impression.”

The LEDs would look pretty awful at close range but at a distance, as the video shows, nicely pull together visuals. While the display can support messaging, the intention seems to be focused more on ambient content to drive experience.


College Football Hall of Fame.

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the new College Football Hall of Fame is a hybrid hall of fame and museum dedicated to the sport. The venue provides a highly engaging interactive experience using a blend of college football artifacts and state-of-the-art exhibits.
The Hall’s sponsorship team partnered with Obscura to create the centerpiece exhibit, an interactive media wall that seamlessly blends the heritage of college football with cutting-edge technology. The Chick-fil-A “Why We Love College Football” display is a 52-foot long, multitouch interactive canvas that sets the stage for an exciting visit. Upon arrival, visitors register and receive an RFID lanyard; as they approach the wall, the RFID reader triggers modal changes in the software, and the wall’s content is dynamically configured to the visitor’s college football team. An orchestrated blend of media, including tens of thousands of image, video, and sound assets, populate thirty-nine continuous screens.
The installation provides visitors a unique, playful, and highly engaging tour, with access to 765 NCAA College Football teams at their fingertips. Next-generation touch-sensing technology, developed by Obscura, turns an otherwise standard video wall into a full multitouch display capable of delivering a nearly limitless number of simultaneous custom interactions.

Living sculpture made from programmed wooden balls.

Let's face it: with certain exceptions, most sculptures are pretty static and won't hold your interest for more than a brief glance. You may pay more notice to Hypersonic's Breaking Wave project, however. Effectively, it's a "programmed" analog display -- an elaborate, centralized motor system pulls 804 wooden balls up and down to create elaborate patterns that you'll only see if you watch from the right perspective. The size of the drums attached to each ball decide just when and how far they move. Breaking Wave's owner, Biogen-IDEC, is using the artwork as a commentary on medical science. It's supposed to show how researchers sift through "billions" of seemingly meaningless data points to create a clearer picture of the human body. It's a one-of-a-kind design, so you sadly can't buy one if you're entranced by the concept. However, you can either check it out in the videos below or swing by Biogen's office in Cambridge, Massachusetts to see it in person.

vrijdag 3 oktober 2014

Inside Me

This project is based on a 3D-scan technique, which allows me to reproduce an image of my own body as a 3D object in a software. It is possible to view this object not just from outside, but also from the inside as a negative as well, which creates abstract shapes. The colouration was generated with the help of colour data I took from a real picture. The film reflects the invisible inner world of an individual, which owns a small universe in itself, created by experiences and feelings - as well in the digital world as in real life. We try to express ourselves and approach our world another being, but still, nobody can see in our souls entirely. For me, the process of scanning is a very important part of this work itself. The idea of digitising a body and hence the creation and deformation of its computer generated self, reflects the digital world we live in today. We create an alternative world, in which everybody can be what they want to be. In some way, it resembles to an act of creation. We never stop building more worlds for ourselves, even though there are already various ones encircling us, that we don't even understand yet. Each universe encloses another, which creates a new one, and the world next to us still seems far away. And so we look into infinity again, which inevitably surrounds us.

Concept & Animation by Dmitry Zakharov

donderdag 2 oktober 2014

Tomorrow's digital cities.

Visualplanet partners – Città Digitale - have created a ground breaking Digital City concept, where multiple through-window displays have been integrated into retail windows throughout Italian cities, providing interactive, informative displays for both residents and tourists.


INFORM AND ENGAGE The displays have been designed to create informative and engaging communications with users in high footfall areas throughout key cities.These locations were handpicked by the Città Digitale team - in exchange, the selected retailers were incentivised with free advertising on the screen installed in their store, as well as all the others throughout their city. The applications are easy to use Info Points which allow users to search for information about the city and local businesses: viewing local news, accessing opening times, making reservations for restaurants and hotels and checking out the latest promotions and deals has never been easier.
Filippo Ferruzzi, President of Città Digitale comments; “When I experienced an interactive window for the first time, I immediately thought about how it could change our habits when trying to find information whilst out and about. I imagined a world where you can inquire and be informed "from the street" - with a free tool - available to all 24/7.”

GETTING INTERACTIVE Following initial analysis it was concluded that the technology could add most value via the installation of information points in retail settings. Testing was carried out to ensure that a high quality bright screen was selected to compete with ambient light to ensure optimal viewing clarity for users. The screen deployment was originally funded by partners and supplemented with revenue from on-screen advertising. From inception there has been a strong belief in the screens as an exciting and futuristic addition to metropolitan areas. A commercial success, the project has been self-funding through advertising revenue ever since.

A NEW WAY FOR THE CITY TO COMMUNICATE Città Digitale multi-lingual displays are a powerful, one-to-one marketing tool; available in Italian, Spanish, English, French, German and Russian, these customised installations enable the city to truly connect with its residents and visitors. The unique power of touch sensor technology provides access to users at times – and in situations – when they couldn’t normally be reached. The digital format means they are also a perfect advertising medium; they can be tailored to the audience, set to run at certain times and adapted to show local and current promotions and campaigns. Users can leave details to request further information or make reservations using the touch system - and can even speak with an operator! The application is cross platform and accessible on smart phones and tablets for the ultimate in convenience.

SUPPORTING TOURISM The installs have popped up in Italy on business and shop windows, as well as at points of cultural and tourist interest. The content is stored on a central server cloud and is kept current through nightly uploads. Creating a universal communication tool that is intuitive and fun to use has made areas more welcoming to new tourists, increased accessibility, and made the cities’ hidden gems easier to explore – increasing the overall enjoyment of both first timers and regular visitors

GETTING THE CITY ON BOARD Although there has been strong backing for the screens,each city has different rules and regulations, so there were inevitably some hurdles to overcome in the process of installing and commissioning the systems.The success of the installed base has, however, boosted the case for wider adoption, making it increasingly attractive to new cities to embrace the digital era.It has been important for the team to obtain backing for the project to enhance its credibility; despite below average spending at retail level and on-going economic uncertainty, the team has identified some exciting projects that will help create the cities of tomorrow.

ENABLING A WORLD OF TOUCH The touchfoil was the touch sensor of choice for this project, partly due to its ability to work through thick glass.The installations have been easily integrated into existing retail windows throughout the cities without the need for modification to the glass. Protected behind the glass these displayscan still be accessed in all weather conditions and may even be used with gloved hands. This also makes them robust,vandal proof and reliable -able to withstand millions
of touches a day.

woensdag 1 oktober 2014

Curved Multi-Touch Screen.

Zytronic 32 inch Curved MPCT - exhibited at the G2E Expo 2013 in Las Vegas

InfoComm 2014, the annual conference and exhibition for the audio and visual (AV) community, was the stage that Zytronic selected to showcase a very special installation. In addition to the 32” convex screen that we debuted at the Global Gaming Expo in 2013, a large concave bezel-free 40” multi touch screen proof of concept display made its debut at the event, which attracted more than 37,000 attendees.

The user customisable curved format, which is available in single-, dual-, or multi touch configurations, was showcased with Snowflake software to demonstrate the lightning fast, reliable touch response, of Zytronics proprietary multi touch controller - capable of detecting up to 40 simultaneous touch points. For a closer look at the technology and design features, read our product feature post: Ahead of the Curve in Vegas: Zytronic’s Curved Multi-Touch Screen.

InfoComm 2014: Zytronic Launches its new Curved Touchscreen