vrijdag 4 juli 2008

Energie besparing in LCD schermen.

Een gevecht tussen kwaliteit en een laag energie verbruik.
Sony’s "Bravia" KDL-32J1 is de energie zuinigste 32 inch LCD-TV van dit moment, met een vijf-ster "Energy Saving Label" en een energie efficiency rate van 173% onder de Japanese conservation standard. Het verbruikt slechts 115kWh/jaar.

To improve energy performance, Sony boosted the efficiency of the light source, by first using a high emission efficient fluorescent tube that maintains the same brightness levels with fewer tubes. This reduced the required voltage for light emission. Sony combined this with specialized filters that enhance light efficiency, resulting in higher light transmission rates. This allows the new Bravia set to maintain the same high quality image with a 232% energy efficiency rating.
Sony has significantly reduced the energy foot-print of the popular 32-inch LCD-TV without sacrificing display quality. But there is still plenty more they can do to get further reductions. The ENERGYSTAR program (EPA), Green TV Logo program (LCD TV Association) and EPEAT are all targeting low power consumption strategies like the use of ambient light sensors in sets that automatically lower set brightness in darkened rooms.

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