donderdag 25 september 2008

Digitaal adverteren op de bus.

Titan Worldwide, the world's largestprivately held Out-of-Home advertising company, has won the contract to selldigital advertising for the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA). The 10-year contract takes effect immediately. The CTA is the secondlargest public transit system in the United States, offering bus and rapidtransit routes through the city, as well as to adjacent suburbanneighborhoods. The CTA operates 24 hours every day serving 1.6 millionpassengers each weekday on its system of 2,000 buses, 1,190 rapid transit carsand 144 train stations. "Digital signage is something that will transform not only the transitindustry but the advertising industry as well.
Litelogic already supply LED Superscreens to approximately 25 CBS Outdoor managed buses in London
The screen installed on the bus in Chicago is indeed a full “King-sized” panel 30″ x 144″ 12mm pitch LED panel manufactured by Litelogic. CTA President Ron Huberman said the new campaign, which is being tested on one bus on the No. 124 Navy Pier bus route, is sure to satisfy the cash-strapped transit agency’s sweet tooth for raising additional revenue.
He said it’s part of an advertising partnership with Titan that is expected to generate $10 million a year during 10 years for the CTA.
CTA officials hope to put digital wireless advertising screens on 100 buses by next summer and expand the program to include all 144 CTA rail stations.

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