maandag 19 januari 2009

LED-lit glass floor.

Rotterdam Port Experience is a public venue revolving around the Rotterdam port and city in the Netherlands. It is a project of Havenbedrijf Rotterdam, supported by the city of Rotterdam. The concept was created by Bert Kranendonk and the production was done by Kranendonk Experience Network B.V. Lagotronics BV installed a large LED-lit glass floor. An aerial photograph of the Rotterdam Port area has been printed on tiles of 1 by 1 metres, resulting in a total surface of 18 by 7 metres. This floor is in the entrance hall of the Port Experience-complex.
Rotterdam Port Experience opened its doors in the fall of 2008. This interactive experience demonstrates the diversity of Europe's largest port to its (inter)national visitors in a spectacular fashion. Conceptual designer Bert Kranendonk expects 200.000 visitors yearly, which can be compared to Neeltje Jans or Nemo in Amsterdam. Rotterdam Port Experience is situated underneath the Erasmusbrug at the Willemsplein in Rotterdam.

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