woensdag 8 april 2009

Segmented Displays Enable a Variety of Smart Surfaces.

EPDs, custom IC drivers, and low-power MCUs made it possible to create an innovative design for Seiko's bracelet-style wristwatch for women. The black-and-white display runs along the exterior of the band and is capable of displaying the time in "efficiency" mode with easily recognizable numerals or in high-concept "mystery mode," as shown here. In mystery mode, the numerals appear in script in somewhat mysterious patterns. For example, the time shown here is 12:58, reading from the lower left-hand side of the display upwards (the "1" is only partially visible at the left) and right to the "8".

ELECTRONIC-PAPER DISPLAYS (EPDs) made popular by applications such as electronic books and newspapers are also enabling a host of new applications. Not only will electronic paper using electrophoretic technology eventually become a good alternative to liquid-crystal displays (LCDs) for specific products or applications, they will help enable new products and applications, such as smart cards, and new concepts for wrist watches and display-enabled key fobs. Electrophoretic displays made of plastic are ideal solutions in applications where a glass-based display is not viable. EPDs can endure physical stress while retaining display content with very low power requirements. Lees hier het gehele verhaal.

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