dinsdag 19 mei 2009

30% Of World’s LED used in Moscow ?

The Eurovision Song Contest is definitely one of the creative landmarks of the year, so we are extremely proud to play a vital role in this trendsetting stage design.
Moscow reportedly used something like 30% of the world’s stock of rental LED for Saturday evening’s 54th Eurovision Song Contest Final. Barco alone supplied more than 1000 LED tiles.
The event took place in the Olympiyski Indoor Arena in Moscow and viewers from around Europe tuned in to watch 42 countries compete.Viewers would have seen a total of 735 OLite LED tiles, 6200 MiPIX modules, six SLM R12+ projectors and six CLM R10+ projectors used with the PufferSpheres®.

All video was controlled by Barco image processing equipment and two Encore systems and 24 Image Pro HD’s made sure the show ran smoothly.

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