maandag 20 juli 2009

The Image Mill // Canada.

The Image Mill is an architectural projection produced and performed, in Quebec City, by Robert Lepage and Ex Machina. Representing the largest projection ever done, it requires the use of fine technology to project a huge quantity of images and films on the grain silos of the Quebec Harbour, an oversized screen, 600 feet wide by 30 meters high! In the hands of the creators, this huge mass of concrete is in constant transformation, which gives us the strange impression of it being alive and talking to us. Leaving the usual clichés behind, we discover the fascinating history of Quebec City with its upheavals, its controversies, and its great political and popular moments.The Image Mill was created as part of the festivities surrounding the 400th anniversary of Quebec City. You will be able to see The Image Mill from July 3rd to September 13 2009, from Wednesday to Sunday.

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