dinsdag 15 september 2009

You Fade to Light.

Dance and Interactive Light Installation: You Fade to Light/ edit 1 (rAndom International, Kristin Knappstein, Royal Philips Electronic' Luminblade team)
"Lumiblade" OLED's are large area diffuse light sources made from extremely thin glass and feature a perfect mirror finish. OLED's are very close to the quality of natural light. Chris O'Shea created the software for You Fade to Light using C++, openFrameworks, and openCV. There was a hidden camera embedded in the installation that generated video for the software to process and also generate video files as output. The hardware drivers were created by rAndom International and through the software, controlled the brightness of each OLED.

You Fade To Light / edit 1 from rAndom International on Vimeo.

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