maandag 23 november 2009

King Power.

A 15 minute projection and live dance performance, celebrating King Power’s 20th anniversary. 3D Building Mapping in "THE WONDROUS SHOW" at King Power. The First Time Ever in Thailand and the most giant mapping projection in Asia.
Five Barco projectors where used spaning the length of the 90 meter building, creating a 6400x1024 pixel canvas for ENESS to blanket with 3d real-time animation and sound delight. Using our in-house 3d projection engine ‘Pixile’ we were able to map and match every surface of the building in days.

Any tech slavey person would assume this type of huge installation would require months of preparation and series of networked machines to achieve the task. We did it all with 1 machine and in 1 month.

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