donderdag 3 december 2009

25 Story Digital Signage Video Wall.

American Eagle Outfitters Inc. recently announced plans to open its flagship store in Times Square. The 25,000-square-foot store offers four levels of shopping, and also is outfitted with several interactive digital features.

Inside, the flagship store has a 13-foot video wall to add dramatic impact.

In addition, the store will feature a customer experience called “15 Seconds of Fame.” With a purchase, customers will be invited to pose in a mini photo studio. Moments after, the customer’s photo will be projected onto the 15,000 square feet of LED screens (25 stories high) outside the store for all of Times Square to see, said the company.

The LED screens will feature content for 18 hours every day, according to the company. American Eagle Outfitters has partnered with the following organizations to deliver an impactful, creatively ground-breaking visual experience in Times Square:

* The Barnycz Group — an experiential design firm specializing in the creation of unforgettable, large-scale interactive dynamic content environments. The firm conceived the design, integrated the technology, and is overseeing the installation of this dynamic architectural facade of synchronized LED displays, as well as the store’s interior A/V systems.
* Barco — a global technology provider specializing in high-resolution LEDs and displays, provided the 12 panels that wrap the building’s exterior, with a total pixel count nearing 3.3 million, along with the LCD monitor wall at the store entrance.
* R/GA — an award-winning digital agency and global leader in designing retail and digital environments, is creating content for the interior and exterior signage displays, and proprietary technology that powers “15 Seconds of Fame.” The partnership is focused on developing experiences that showcase AEO brands and customers, drawing Times Square visitors from the street into the store.
* ABC Regional Sports & Entertainment Sales — a unit of ABC National Television Sales, is the exclusive advertising sales representative for the technically advanced sign. Numerous advertising options, ranging from real-time delivery to simultaneous showcasing of multiple products, will be offered. The association with AE’s target customer of 15- 25-years old adds heightened value for advertisers across many categories such as music, movies, TV, computers, phones, food, beverages, autos and travel.

“We know that shopping in Times Square is a landmark event for millions of customers who come from around the globe to visit,” said Jim O’Donnell, chief executive officer, American Eagle Outfitters Inc, New York. “American Eagle Outfitters’ goal is to offer them a retail experience unlike anything they’ve experienced before — even by Times Square standards.”

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