woensdag 13 januari 2010

LG's 15-inch OLED TV.

Meet the 15-inch OLED (organic light emitting diode) TV. The ultra-slim TV — it has a thickness of 3.2 millimeters — was introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show last week.

OLEDs are an attractive alternative to traditional LCDs because they consume less power, display colors better, and can be thinner and lighter. Most major display makers are looking to offer OLED screens, but few have brought large OLEDs to market. In 2007, Sony first introduced an OLED display, the Sony XEL-1, which cost a whopping $2,500 for a mere 11-inch display. Other companies such as Samsung are showing prototypes.

LG is among the first to start selling an OLED TV. LG’s 15-inch TV is water resistant so it can housed in high humidity areas including the bathroom, says the company.

The TV can be wall mounted or set on the countertop but that beauty still comes at a price: The 15-inch OLED TV will cost about $2,000.
you wouldn’t want to mount this TV on the wall since you would need to be standing right in front of it to see anything. And therein lies one major identity problem: the slimness is perfect for mounting on the wall but the size is far-from-perfect for that purpose

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