dinsdag 26 januari 2010

Air Paddling in Castelo Branco.

YDreams' creative technologies are the driving force behind the new Environmental Interpretive Center in Portugal's central-eastern region inaugurated in July 2009, where visitors can interactively experience the natural wonders of the nearby International Tagus Natural Park.

One of the center's most singular applications gives visitors a chance to jump inside a kayak and virtually navigate the Tagus River, using the paddle as a prop to access multimedia contents superimposed onto the video projected around them.

I was also very curious to see how the interactive kayak would work. You hop on a real kayak, grab the paddle, and descend a section of the River tagus, projected right in front of you. You use the paddle to steer the kayak and can access multimedia information, when steering in specific directions. It works really well, and the fact that it is located in a separate room, with sound effects, scores points for immersion and learning.

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