dinsdag 2 maart 2010

the place to be !!

Zo krijg je natuurlijk een geweldig beeld van Time Squere // New York.

GE was doing a PR stunt in Times Square, I was hired to create a timelapse video of the overnight set-up process. It was pretty cool, we rented two scissorlifts (usually used for construction), one was to hold the camera and tripod along with a gas powered generator, the other scissorlift was for me to use to get to the camera whenever necessary, basically an outdoor elevator. I used a Nikon DLSR with a 14mm wide angle lens, and got a shot every 8 seconds. I had a laptop set upu on the street as GE needed the compiled video for an event happening in Las Vegas. I used After Effects with no cpu-intensive frame blending to quickly get the video done and sent up to my FTP server. I then took my time creating a higher quality version for use on GE's website. It was quite an experience to be 30 feet above traffic in the heart of Times Square, I was higher up than the buses! Fun fun fun.

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