vrijdag 4 juni 2010

Samsung F10M - 1000 Lumen LED.

Samsung has begun promotion and shipping for the world's first 3LCD LED projector.

Samsung and 3LCD teamed earlier this year up to deliver the world's first 3LCD LED projector, the F10M.

Announced originally in January at CES, the F10M is the world's first LED-based projector with 1,000 lumens.

The F10M delivers 1,000 lumens with an announced light life of up to 30,000+ hours and offers XGA resolution and an image size range from 40 – 300 inches, with HDMI input and PC connectivity. Thanks to the LED light source, the F10M offers customers an extremely energy efficient projector option, and what the makers describe as the brightest LED projector in the projection industry.

In addition, the LED-based projector offers instant on/off functionality, requiring almost no warm up time, producing a nearly instantaneous projected image.

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