zaterdag 3 juli 2010

LED billboards in small cities.

Dmitry Melchuk, a representative of a small Russian regional advertising agency, says: “Naturally, our audience is much smaller than that in the big cities. But advertisers are more interested in brand recognition and brand memorizing. From this point of view, the LED billboards in small cities are much more noticeable than in large cities”.

We would hardly think of writing about if we did not start getting news about similar tendencies in other countries, including the USA. For example, recently an outdoor advertising company in the small city of Ardmore in Oklahoma decided to set up advertising digital billboards though the population of this place is only around 25 thousand people. The network is not large – only three LED billboards, but the agency believes that more billboards will follow.The LED digital billboards in such remote and lonely place instantly turned into a sensation. Local businesses realized that advertising on LED billboards raises their status in this small community where everyone knows about everyone. As a result in the first 45 days of LED billboards network operation the utilization of billboards (the index of advertising time sold) amounted to more than 90 percent. You may appreciate that number by comparing it with the average utilization index in Moscow LED digital billboards: in peak season it never exceeds 56%.

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