woensdag 18 augustus 2010

London's Marble Arch.

Bluman Associates provides projection mapping on London's Marble Arch for 'The Gadget Show'
The new series of Channel Five's 'The Gadget Show' has opened with a large guerrilla projection with architectural mapping techniques, masterminded by London consultancy Bluman Associates.

'Gadget Show' presenters went head to head in a challenge to find the best way to use new technologies to promote the new series. Jason Bradbury worked with Pod Bluman from Bluman Associates and Bruce Ferguson from The Darkroom to devise a high-impact event – using Marble Arch in central London as the backdrop for a projection sequence, based on the classic Space Invaders computer game of the 1970s – which would go on to become the subject of a viral video campaign.
Bluman and Ferguson developed the content from Jason's brief, taking measurements of the Arch's dimensions in order to create the 3D effects and perspective. Bluman said, 'The key to really successful architectural projection mapping is the content design, developing a story that will work with the building. In this case, Jason identified the resemblance between the shape of Marble Arch and the Space Invader from the computer game of the 1970s. We had to make some tweaks to the original design, resulting in the creation of the ‘Gadgetvader’.'

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