vrijdag 10 december 2010

Laser Powered Eco-Graffiti to London.

The technomagicians at Dentsu hit another home run with an interactive promotion for greentomatocars that uses lasers to sketch murals on buildings.
We admit that we're total fan boys for everything that Dentsu London create. Given their freaky-deaky fusions of design and high-tech, how could we not be? Their latest creation, promoting London's hybrid-vehicle taxi fleet greentomatocars, uses lime-green lasers to paint temporary doodles all over London's Battersea Power Station. Looks like they had a blast:
he laser-painting is supposed to give off the high-tech, yet scruffy vibe that greentomatocars presents with its eco-friendly cars. (The company even hacked free wifi and plug-in power into some of their vehicles.) Dentsu teamed up with Sensaa to make magic laser-wands connected to computers that project interactive digital "paint" onto surfaces in realtime, tracking the wand's movements. (An effect very similar to that invented by the Graffiti Research Lab, with their laser tagging.)

Lighter On London :: Laser Murals from greentomatocars on Vimeo.

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