dinsdag 14 december 2010

World's biggest Digital Signage Screen.

Now a French company is marketing (and installing) technology, that really does turn a building into a media vehicle – with LED lighting actually embedded in the double-glazed windows of office towers.

As spotted in OOH-TV, the King’s Road Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia has installed technology from a company called Citiled that turns the north, south and west facades into giant screens. Not sure why the east not done, but assume it has to do with Islam and culture.

Press reports on the project indicate:
21 floors on the north and south façades and 16 floors on the west façade have been equipped with LED screens developed by Citiled, i.e. a total of 9,850 sq m and more than 5 million LEDs, making this structure the largest Media Façade in the world installed on an inhabited building. It took more than 6 months to produce the 10,000 sq metres of this media façade, occupying a team of around twenty engineers and craftsmen for 3 months during the project design phase and then 6 months for installation and testing.
Citiled is a four-year-old, 25-person company based in Paris. The LEDs,as noted, are embedded in rows inside the window glass and the cabling embedded in the mullions. The wiring all maps back to a central control room that manages what’s called the Digital Media Facade.

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