vrijdag 25 februari 2011

Facades become displays

Facade displays become more and more popular and are mostly generated by projections or LED grid structures. Thanks to ONLYGLASS Mediafacade displays the image will be integrated in the building surface or the glass surface in the future and, therefore, will become part of the architecture.

Media technology is changing the face of our inner cities fast, fostering a new architectural awareness. ONLYGLASS MEDIAFACADE is the world’s first transparent media façade that can be integrated directly in a building’s existing structure. As the component LEDs are embedded in insulating glass, the display panels can be treated like normal insulating glass and installed in a façade without altering its architecture in any way. As a result, the system becomes a fully functioning part of the building, with the insulating glass fulfilling its normal functions without the LED display screen disturbing the people inside.

Depending on the chosen pixel pitch (from 20mm and scalable in 10mm steps), a light transparency level of between 80% and 90% can be achieved. Visibility from inside the building is not impaired and the insulating glass remains fully functional, regardless of whether the panels are coated or not. The giant display screen is a combination of single insulating glass panels (maximum size: 3,500mm x 2,700mm), which means there is no limit to the number of modules that can be connected together.Due to the low additional weight of approx. 3.5 kg/m², ONLYGLASS MEDIAFACADE can be installed in most buildings without affecting the structural load - a particularly appealing feature from a heritage protection perspective.

ONLYGLASS MEDIAFACADE functions like a PC monitor, i.e. anything that can be displayed on a PC screen can also be displayed by ONLYGLASS MEDIAFACADE.
ONLYGLASS MEDIAFACADE can be used in a multitude of ways inside buildings, e.g. for large-scale room dividers or multi-floor displays that provide a view over an interior courtyard.
If no insulating effect is required, ONLYGLASS MEDIAFACADE can also be integrated in a single glass panel (visible on one side) and affixed to various substructures, e.g. exposed concrete walls or heritage-protected interior facades.

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