maandag 20 juni 2011

multitouch wall.

FusionPage Interactive, software and interactive solutions company, and MultiTouch Ltd., developer of modular multi-touch LCD screens for large-scale displays, have together designed and installed the first multi-user, multitouch exhibit in Space Center Houston at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.The multitouch wall, comprised of four 46” MultiTouch Cell displays, has been installed in conjunction with NASA’s commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the first Space Shuttle launch, STS-1, on April 1, 1981. It is permanently installed in the center.

The multitouch wall will provide high-resolution photos and videos of the Space Shuttle, which multiple users can manipulate simultaneously. This initial installation is part of the first phase of the exhibit, which will eventually include the full space shuttle, space station, and Apollo mission histories.

MultiTouch and FusionPage collaborated over a three-month period to develop the specifications and the system design for the multitouch wall.

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