donderdag 28 juli 2011

The “Happiness” is Real.

In May there was the Coca-Cola HQ 125th anniversary show. And Coke is making sure that everyone knows about it by running the largest video projection display ever. Here’s the YouTube post:…

I think that it’s the coolest public digital display Atlanta has ever seen!

■The project uses 44 projectors total. 12 on three sides and 8 on the side facing south.
■The show runs for the next 3 weeks on Thursday, Friday & Saturday from around 9pm-11pm. (projectors only work when the sun is away).
■The projection screen is see through enough to give *some* window view for employees. But my wife April made the great point that everyone must be instructed to turn their lights off when they leave! 2 were on. It was obvious.
■The projectors are 16,000 lumen Christie units with super loud fans in custom enclosures (no cooling). The power consumption must be crazy on these puppies!
■It took 1 month for the tech setup & simulation. Power architecture, media servers, scalars, mapping software, signal routing, etc.
■2 hour content loop including bottle animation, smiling faces, old ads and images from Facebook. All created by Obscura.

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