dinsdag 2 augustus 2011

iPads Used to Feed Hungry Travelers.

Thankfully, the folks from OTG Management--an airport catering company that works behind the scenes in terminals across the country--have implemented a few changes to how they do business to make your journey into the wild blue yonder more efficient and ever-so-much more geeky. In an effort to provide the patrons of their airport lounge locations with a restaurant quality dining experience, the company has unveiled a program that will streamline the meal selection process for hundreds of hungry travelers a day, thanks in part to the ingenious use of a built-to-order iPad menu system.

By offering the winning combination of world-class cuisine from a wide variety of restaurants, expedient service, and slathering it all up in the awesome sauce of Apple technology, OTG Management has set the stage for our expectations of what an airport dining experience can be on its ear. Travelers can order their meals from a wide selection of cuisine advertised on the catering company’s custom-developed iPad menu application. While they wait for their orders to arrive, the diners are encouraged to use their table’s iPad to check on the status of their flights, play a game or browse through a periodical or two. In no time at all, the meal the diner selected is delivered to their table. Not too shabby at all!

Currently, the iPad-enhanced dining experience is only available at New York’s John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia airports, but if the service is the success that it appears it could very well become, you could have the opportunity to enjoy the same slick dining experience at an airport near you in the not too distant future.

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