dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

Toekomst voor het televisiescherm in de kamer.

Figure 1: Relative Importance of Features in TV Purchase

There are larger shifts in the landscape of video consumption occurring than just a move to 3D. These threaten to push TV into the role of video monitor—though arguably, that has already happened in many markets. The main issue though is that the axis of competition is moving towards convenience, not greater picture performance.

Consumers are about to reach the “iPod moment” in which video consumption shifts towards mobile devices and personalization, just like it did for audio five years ago. When did you last hear anyone promoting sound quality in mainstream audio? TV sets will remain the screen of choice, but they are likely to become controlled by a tablet or smart phone that will search, recommend, and control access.

The old axes of competition (screen size, price, and picture quality) are on the point of being swapped for convenience, access to content, and ease of use. Consumers seem as interested in things like power consumption as they are in shiny new features. Set makers who fail to respond will risk ending up in the monitor business.

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