woensdag 7 september 2011

Finland: Urbanflow Helsinki – Digital Media in a City Can be Intelligent.

As part of the Forum Virium Helsinki, Urbanscale and Nordkapp launched Urbanflow Helsinki this summer – an intelligent media proposition integrating Internet, mobile and especially digital signage, in the Finnish capital.

Presented as an “operating system for cities” it distinguishes itself from other digital signage installations that are exclusively advertising and concentrates on the Service element. The system is installed in a totem fitted with an inter-active touch-screen which offers:

- a way-finding function

- help to find services, restaurants, leisure activities, health centres etc.

- access to environmental and/or contextual information (traffic info, crime, air quality, noise levels, roadworks, etc.)

- possibility for citizens to comment on services

The video below gives a complete presentation of the project:

Urbanflow Helsinki from Nordkapp on Vimeo.

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