donderdag 20 oktober 2011

Tesco gebruikt Augmented Reality.

Tesco is in the midst of a huge “Big Price Drop” campaign and one of the new elements they’ve rolled out is the use of Blippar’s Image Recgonition / Augmented Reality technology to bring their ads to life via iPhones, iPads and all sorts of Android devices.

The Augmented Reality print ads launch an animated version of the ad, and provide an extra level of interactivity helping you to find the closest store, view recipe ideas related to the products in each ad and other store information.

Interesting idea although I wonder how many people will actually do it?
Is the investment of time worth it for content you can find on the internet (download Blippar, scan your reader over news paper which you were reading)?

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  1. We have now heard that the date of the licensing appeal is 23rd – 25th February, to be held at Cambridge Magistrates Court.