maandag 12 december 2011

Digital Signage in Lifts

Digital Signage is everywhere. Whether people know what this new medium is called or even understand the intricacies involved in its power, people have seen the by-product of digital signage in their everyday lives. These days advertising is the common form of digital signage seen in many stores, shopping centers and public areas.

There is a technical side to describe digital signage. The simple way to think about digital signage is that it refers to the use of digital technology to deliver content. It usually involves a screen and a digital signage player which contains the necessary software to store and deliver information, advertisements and entertainment in a multitude of ways to suit a particular purpose.

It may be difficult to know what digital signage can do for you or even if it is right for you but what it can do is ensure that you save money and make money at the same time.

While many people think advertising is the only thing that digital signage can do, it is only one small aspect of its power. The true potential of digital signage has yet to be explored.

Digital signage can be used to do one or more of the following:
• inform the audience about sales, events, emergency information, news, where to go and just general information
• entertain the audience with music, music videos, television, movies and pictures
• advertise products and services

Digital signage can be used to save money by reducing the need for other mediums to inform, entertain and advertise but digital signage can also create money for you by paid to display content for manufacturers of products, neighboring businesses and community groups.

The options are limitless and the effort is insignificant when you hire the right professionals to create, deploy and manage your digital signage solution.

So: digital signage is everywhere! You’ve probably already seen these in shopping centers, retail stores, medical centers, hotels, restaurants, take away stores, bathrooms/toilets, public venues, train stations, bus stops, reception areas, offices and now they can be found in lifts too.

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