woensdag 22 februari 2012

Measure Impact of Glasses Free 3D Campaign.

Dimenco and Tilburg University have published the findings of their study on the impact of glasses free 3D on a digital signage campaign.

The study is based on a trial undertaken in December 2011 for Red Bull at Exxon Petrol Stations in the Netherlands. Three display racks were placed at three different petrol stations: one was fitted with an auto-stereoscopic 3D screen, another with a regular 2D screen, and the third without any form of screen.

Over 15,000 eye contacts were tracked during the campaign in order to determine the average time spent in front of each display. The result: a customer spends an average of 44% longer time in front of a rack with a glasses free 3D display (10.92 seconds) than in front of one with a 2D screen (7.60 seconds).
Further, the study showed a sales increase of 8.5% of Red Bull cans in the shop with the 3D screen. (Any increase in sales via the 2D screen wasn’t specified).

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