vrijdag 17 februari 2012

World’s Largest IMAX Screen Gets Replaced.

The Darling Harbour IMAX theater in Sydney, Australia is considered at the world’s largest screen. The screen measures 97 feet tall and 117 feet wide. It has also been in service for over 16 years. Recently, the theater decided to change the screen for an upgraded version. The new screen took almost a whole year, $250000, and 31 riggers to replace. Recently, the screen was strung and mounted on the rigging, but it won’t be able to show videos for at least a a month at most. The screen still needs to be stretched tight to prevent wrinkling and then receive a coat of silver paint in order to enhance the projector’s brightness and color saturation.

The screen is made from a material that was described as "not dissimilar from the vinyl material used for ute covers". It took 31 riggers to get it from the floor to the ceiling.

IMAX Australia told us that the screen is being replaced due to the fact that the old screen was at the end of its life. The new screen is designed to reflect brighter images. By doing so, the 3D experience — which is made dimmer by watchers wearing glasses — will improve.

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