donderdag 26 april 2012

Digital signage lights up dowtown Phoenix.

The City of Phoenix faced a dilemma not unusual for large metro areas with significant suburban populations — how do you get people back downtown to revitalize the city center?
For Phoenix, digital signage held part of the answer.

Inspired by other cities that have created entertainment districts, such as L.A. Live in Los Angeles, Phoenix partnered with two of its major sports franchises to create the Legends Entertainment District in the city's downtown area, charged with changing the perception of the city's center.

Major League Baseball's Arizona Diamondbacks and the National Basketball Association's Phoenix Suns have collaborated with the city over the last year and change to transform the Jefferson Street corridor in downtown Phoenix into something more bright and vibrant than before.

Combining approximately 7,000 square feet of full-motion LED digital signage with about 55,000 square feet of new static signage, the Legends Entertainment District has created quite a splash in the downtown area, said the district's general manager, Judd Norris, and digital signage has played a major role.

The convention center boasts a mid-size LED display standing just above street level, facing the two sports stadia across Jefferson Street. On the street side of Chase Field hangs a 35-foot-by-73-foot LED board, dubbed the "Big Board," that shows district content and advertising.

There are also three 50-foot towers outside Chase Field and the US Airways Center, each featuring three 13-foot-by-22-foot LED boards, in addition to top and bottom LED halo rings. The towers display 30-second content segments from each facility's respective team, the Legends Entertainment District and content partners, and the bottom halos also feature scrolling tickers.

And there are two massive, 4-foot by 125-foot LED tickers on the Jefferson Street parking garage set between the US Airways Center and Chase Field.
Watch a time-lapse video of the district below:

The Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix Suns and the City of Phoenix have teamed up to create the Legends Entertainment District, which will transform the area around US Airways Center and Chase Field into a dynamic, interactive environment for visitors and fans.

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