donderdag 24 mei 2012

Control with your phone.

visitors to Westfield Shopping Centre in London’s White City area, will be able to play an interactive, multiplayer driving game. The game allows drivers to compete against each other using the Screach app (iOS, Android and BlackBerry), and it’s motion-controlled, triggering the user’s on-screen car when a steering motion is made with the mobile device.
Shoppers can interact with the game by downloading the Screach app and entering code ‘60’ into the keypad. Their device then turns into a controller for the driving game.

Gamers can select from a number of car models and colours before making their way along the race route, competing against other users. Called the 60 Second Challenge, the drive simulates America’s Route 66, allowing users to collect tokens along the way.

Paul Rawlings, CEO of Screenreach Interactive, said:
“Swiftcover is using Screach to deliver something truly innovative to its consumers. By converging these two media platforms and using our motion control and multiplayer functionality they are really going that extra mile to capture the imagination of consumers.”

What’s even more interesting is that users can connect to the app through Facebook, and have their Facebook profile picture featured on the screen, as well as post news of their activity to their Facebook profile. Of course, the profiling features will also enable Swiftcover to glean more information from consumers and how they’re interacting with the brand.

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