zondag 6 mei 2012

Interactive Digital Wayfinding in Retail.

Alexandrium Woonmall Rotterdam uses AOpen to power their Digital Signage network and Interactive Wayfinding touch displays.

Digital Signage is the ideal way to disperse content and messages in a targeted manner. Displays are now used to project HD video content, sound and text. Synergy is possible between various devices, enabling retailers to connect and interact with their customers, using the latest mobile technology.

A visitor of the home decoration section can now easily find the way to the shop or shops they would like to visit. The shops are categorized in sections to make the search easy. Once you find the shop that you would like to visit you can select it and receive an animated route description. A QR code will also appear, so you can save the information on your smartphone. The displays will show advertisements combined with information and promotions of the mall. The advertisements will be a way of generating income for the mall, because the retailers will have the possibility to run commercial advertisements.
More information here.

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