maandag 2 juli 2012

CBS Outdoor Installs First Roadside Digital Screens.

CBS Outdoor UK has launched its first roadside digital site in London. Named Site 76 – because 76 million people will see its screens every year -, it is situated on the M4.
Simon Harrington, Marketing Director, CBS Outdoor said “Whilst our roadside competitors name their screens after the shape of the structure, we are very much an audience led business and regard ourselves as platform agnostic. It was important therefore for the name of the new site to reflect our positioning in the market. We deliver urban audience engagement and will continue to look for strategic

Site 76 features two high-definition, LED screens – provided by Prismaflex- boasting wide angle visibility, with a width of 7.7 metres and a height of 2.8 metres. The east- and west-facing screens stand on the elevated section of the Chiswick roundabout at Junction 1 of the M4 and can be seen from 150 metres away.
An average of 133,780 vehicles pass the site on a daily basis, impacting 2.5 million people every fortnight. This encompasses both domestic and international audiences travelling to and from Heathrow Airport.

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