dinsdag 14 augustus 2012

Samsung OLED production costs 25% higher than LG.

The costs Samsung are facing to produce OLEDs are 25 per cent more than LG.

The production of OLED displays is costing Samsung 25 per cent more than its rival LG.

According to the latest figures from market research firm NPD DisplaySearch, OLED TV displays are ten times more expensive to manufacture than standard LCD televisions, which will mean they will be significantly more expensive when they reach the market.

However, it also appears likely that buyers looking for an OLED TV will be limited to LG models, with production costs estimated to be at least 20 per cent lower than those of Samsung.

NPD DisplaySearch's AMOLED Process Roadmap Report said that prices of TVs featuring OLED displays could be in the range of £5,000.

Up until now, OLED displays have mainly been used in smaller products such as smartphones, but the technology's potential in the HDTV industry has long been an aim of television brands like LG and Samsung.

NPD has estimated that the OLED display industry is set to grow tenfold in the next four years, with production rising from 2.3 million square metres this year, to over 22 million square metres by 2016

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