dinsdag 7 augustus 2012

YScope - Launch Revolutionary App in the Health and Tech Sectors.

YDreams and Hospital de Santa Maria – Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Norte (Santa Maria Hospital – North Lisbon’s Hospital Center) present YScope – a gesture-based tool for sterile browsing of medical imaging.
Surgeons are often faced with strict restrictions in the operating room when it comes to manipulating medical imaging because their hands need to be as sterile as possible. Up until now, to access and manipulate exams, doctors had to use a mouse or keyboard, which required they go through the sterilization process once more, or instruct third parties in manipulating the medical imaging for them.

As a pioneer in the area of Natural User Interfaces, YDreams joined forces with Lisbon’s Hospital de Santa Maria’s Department of Neurosurgery to develop a system capable of solving the problem of medical imaging manipulation in the operating room’s aseptic environment.

More information here

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