maandag 3 september 2012

Telepresence Robot.

Double Robotics has announced that they will begin shipping a telepresence robot called Double in December 2012 for a pre-order price of only $1.999,00 The display, camera and audio functions of the Double at either end of the telepresence link are provided by two Apple iPads (must be purchased separately). While similar devices have been exhibited previously, the Double breaks new ground with its pricing. At a price of about $2k, plus the price of 2 iPads, this telepresence system should allow the market to decide whether telepresence has its place in home, business or commercial settings. So far, it looks as if the market may be ready to take the plunge as the first production run of the Double has sold out.

As illustrated below, the Double telepresence system mates an iPad with a pair of wheels and a variable height column in a Segway-like device. The wheeled section is equipped with a pair of retractable kick stands to provide for a more stable platform when at rest.

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