zondag 23 september 2012

Volvo takes DOOH out for a spin.

Scandinavian carmaker Volvo drove down the digital out-of-home route for a campaign to help launch its new Volvo V40 earlier this year. The campaign included interactive digital signage screens that allowed consumers to personalize their own V40 model and then see their creations showcased on screens at rail stations across the U.K., according to U.K.-based digital production company Grand Visual. The interactive element ran on JCDecaux touchscreen six-sheets and engaged participants by having them design an indivdulaized V40. Users were able to select the color, alloys, interior and driving mode before the screen revealed their personalized V40 model along with a personality profile based on their choices. The final screen prompted users to enter an email address for the chance to win "the perfect test drive in Sweden," Grand Visual said on its wesbite. Completed entries from the interactive six-sheets are then debuted on JCDecaux's D6 rail network where participants can see their name alongside their individually designed V40 car. The "Individuality" concept was created by EHS4D and produced by Grand Visual with dynamic content delivery via OpenLoop.

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