maandag 22 oktober 2012

Coke launches dance dance revolution in S. Korea.

The latest salvo in Coca-Cola's battle for global supremacy recently launched in South Korea, not with a bang but with a pop song. The soda behemoth's latest viral video shows an inventive interactive digital out-of-home branding campaign using a kiosk, augmented reality and interactive digital signage. Part of its global integrated "Open happiness'" campaign launched three years ago, the Coke dance machine grabs passersby attention with callouts from members of the South Korean boy band 2PM; shows viewers on-screen with the band members on a multiscreen video wall; and then gets them to dance along with the band, dispensing free Cokes to people who mimic the right moves. According to numerous online sources, the kiosk integrates Microsoft's Xbox Kinect technology to make the machine gesture interactive, and Coca-Cola South Korea posted the video, below, that quickly went viral (almost 1.2 million views and counting) on YouTube about a month ago:

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