woensdag 7 november 2012

Microsoft's New Multi-touch, Ink & Pen Tech.

Earlier this year, Microsoft bought Jeff Han's company, founder of Perceptive Pixel. Jeff Hans now works for the Microsoft Office division of the company, where there is a push to bring new and improved large multi-touch displays to the corporate world. With this off-the-desktop move, developers are challenged to develop applications for Windows 8 that will be geared towards supporting collaboration in corporate settings. Jeff Han and Nathan Fish were at Microsoft's "Build" conference recently to give a presentation about the nuts and bolts of the new technology - how it works, and suggestions for design. Although the video presentation is over an hour long, it is worth setting aside some time to watch!

Develop solutions that flow with your customers business - starting with individuals and information workers on their phones, desks or virtual offices, moving into conference rooms, brainstorm areas, boardrooms and common areas. Learn how Microsoft’s new pen and touch capabilities software and hardware will enable you to develop products that will help businesses be more efficient. Have a sneak peak on what our large multi-touch displays (82” and 55”) can bring to your solutions.

Duur van deze videopresentatie is 1.12 uur.
Zeker de moeite waard !! Alles over touch, -multitouch, touch + stylus en schermopbouw.

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