maandag 10 december 2012

Bank Negara Malaysia.

The client this time was Bank Negara Malaysia, an Islamic finance institution who have recently designed and built a museum and art gallery within their new headquarters. Looking for a museum piece equally as exciting and intriguing as their new building, they came across Pufferfish and were interested to know what we could provide for their space. Right off the bat we had a few ideas of how they could get the most out of our sphere and after some consultation on the most effective solution, a design was settled. Building a bespoke 1.5 M HardBall sphere, we opted to hang the customised PufferSphere M system from the ceiling in the centre of the room – creating the impression of a floating planet. Placed in the Islamic Finance Gallery, the floating sphere was transformed from passive video player into an interactive exhibit with iPad control. Users are invited to drag their finger over the screen of the iPad, and watch as the globe in front of them rotates; allowing them to select specific areas of the world where ‘Islamic Finance’ once influenced the regions banking system. After selecting a region of the world on the iPad, a visitor is then presented with an immersive 360 degree video on the sphere which, with the help of integrated surround sound, allows visitors to discover and learn about the financial system that once covered the whole world and is now regaining rapid popularity and acceptance.

Bank Negara Malaysia from Pufferfish on Vimeo.

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