woensdag 5 december 2012

Bendable Smartphones will come in 2013.

Nokia is on the same road with Samsung and LG in the field of flexible screens used in mobile devices. After Samsung made waves in technology field with AMOLED and OLED bendable display, LG already release on the market flexible e-ink screen used in e-book readers, Nokia is the first European company which announces the release of bendable devices starting with 2013. Compared with Samsung and LG, Nokia prepare in his labs new technology used to produce quality images on bendable screens. Kinetic Nokia Device is the first prototype exposed the Finnish company under the Nokia World event sometime in 2011. The prototype has a new and advanced screen technology and also interesting features about interaction between user and smartphone. In this device is no place for traditional menus or actions to control the device. 2013 is the year when new doors are opened and all devices will be changed once with technology.

2013 will be probably the first year when the first real bendable device will be released and are more likely that Samsung will be the first company that makes this big step in mobile devices. LG is another Korean company with advanced research projects and with a flexible screen already in mass production and used for Flex One E-Reader. This is a 6-inch monocrom bendable screen with a resolution of 1024×768 pixels and builds from plastic. The plastic is used as a substitute for window glass by all companies that have released prototypes or are in preparation to launch mass production for this type of display. Using plastic instead glass brings benefits for the producer and also for consumer. This material is lighter, cheaper, and could be produced with less effort. Using plastic screens in mobile devices also bring benefits to user which has a thin and durable device. Energy consumption is essential for mobile devices and this is another advantages using bendable screen which has a lower energy consumption compared with standard screens used today in devices. In 2013 we have the opportunity to keep in hands the first mobile flexible device but almost we have to guess who will be the first device with bendable screen. Samsung and LG are in the top of the list, but surprises can occur from anywhere. In 2013 will be released also on the market the first flexible battery which is designed by Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). The prototype is still under development and in a primitive stage since every bending affect the capacity of the battery. Starting with 2013 Samsung introduce in mass production electrowetting displays which could be used in tablets and e-readers. Compared with AMOLED or OLED bendable screens this screen type has a much higher refresh rate which result in greater image stability. Another advantage of electrowetting display is that can be produced on the same production line as LCD screens with small differences.

Skin is perhaps the most viral flexible device on the Internet and is a project which could become reality in 2013. If will be released the device will comes with a 4.0 inch WVGA SUPER AMOLED screen and 800×400 resolution. An interesting features is the OS which will be Android.Flexy, maybe a customized version of the operating system to fold the functionality on this type of device. Other specifications include a 8.0 mega-pixel camera, 32GB/16Gb memory capacity, and a 1500mAh battery.

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