zaterdag 29 december 2012

Samsung Present A 5.5-inch Flexible Display For Smartphones At CES 2013.

Almost counting the days until the first flexible screen will be integrated in the first smartphone or why not in the first tablet. Samsung already prepare for CES 2013 at least two flexible displays which will be presented and designed to be used in next smartphones and TV’s generations. Even the 5.5-inch screen will be used in Galaxy Skin, Galaxy Q, or Galaxy S4, this is the first bendable screen which is presented at a show and prepared for mass production. Another screen is a big one with a diagonal of 55-inch and designed to be used in TV’s.

Interesting is that the 5.5-inch screen has a HD resolution with 1,280×720 pixels and a 267 pixel density. The biggest advantage of these screen is that are unbreakable.

Samsung is at a step closer to release the first unbreakable smartphone and this could be happened in 2013.

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