dinsdag 8 januari 2013

Activated by Hanger Shows Model Wearing the Clothes.

Here we see an example of digital signage activated by removing the hanger from the rack below the screen:

What I like about it is the interruption of the screen above the rack. The onset of motion forces the consumer to look up. What I don’t like is what you hear the Shinsuke Sato from Ceno explain:

“Customers’ first reaction is,’what is this?’ There are hangers and monitors, and many people don’t understand it. When our staff demonstrate, they are surprised…” The video then goes on to say that “…the response from customers has been positive, and customers are enjoying the experience of picking up the hangers.”

If digital signage is disruptive, it should be intuitive. If customers have to ask why it’s happening, or if salespeople need to explain it, the experience is diminished. This becomes more of a curiosity than a experiential value-add.
However, this is an interesting idea. I can see clothing retailers putting these on the self-standing racks in the middle of stores. Imagine these on the show floor. All the screens working together to create an experience that the consumer can control.

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