donderdag 17 januari 2013

Curvy OLEDs - The Next Trend ??

Both Samsung and LG claim to have brought "the world's first curved OLED TV" to CES 2013.

The curved OLED TVs are both 55" displays that appear concave when viewed from the front and even more bent from the sides. Apparently the shape improves on viewing angles, even if an over-enthusiastic Samsung PR describes it as "IMAX-like" (never mind IMAX screens measure around 70 feet/21 meters).

Being OLED displays, both curved TVs benefit from deeper blacks and impressively crisp colors, with the LG's offering (EA9800) also boasting Cinema 3D support.

Neither Samsung nor LG give price points or even release dates for the curvy OLEDs, but expect more details should CES 2013 drum up enough industry interest in the technology.

Here is LG's:

Here is Samsung's:

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