woensdag 30 januari 2013

Floating Video Wall.

Our assignment was to built a video wall, without the use of a wall to mount it.  It was very simple for the architect to draw 3 poles that the displays would mount to, but a much different situation to make it happen.
Since we were using Samsung LED video wall displays, the bezels were only 5mm.  This narrow bezel dictates that micro adjustable video wall mounts would be required.  We solved this dilemma by using parts from 2 of Chief Manufacturing’s video wall carts.  By modifying the square poles and the base, we were able to create long enough poles to be secured at the floor and above the suspended ceiling.
With the help of the Sierra Multi-Window processor, were were able to achieve beautiful high resolution images, with complete flexibility of content, window and sizes.
Located at the world renowned Center for Urology and Robotics Institute, this video wall is used for the waiting room during the day, and as a presentation and meeting environment in the evening.

Below is the video taken at the Grand Opening of the Winter Haven Robotics Institute and Urology Center.  

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