maandag 21 januari 2013

LG Display investeert 2,7 miljard euro in OLED-panelen.

LG Display, the leading provider of liquid crystal displays (LCDs), is now preparing an all-out effort to extend its dominance to the new world of digital displays shaped by organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs).

The company is to spend 3.8 trillion won (about $3.6 billion) this year on adding facilities and improving technologies with the predominant focus on improving its capabilities for OLED screens, becoming conventional in smaller devices like smartphones and tablets and beginning to appear in larger products like televisions.

OLED screens provide a stunning upgrade in picture quality and power consumption compared to conventional LCDs.

High costs and difficulty in mass production have been slowing their adaption in televisions, but major electronics makers like Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and Sony believe they will see a breakthrough on this front this year.

LG Display, narrowly above Samsung Electronics in the global market share, is eager to exploit the boost in demand. The company has no plans to add to its existing LCD lines in Gumi and Paju.

``Of our investment budget, OLEDs will take up the biggest slice of money, followed by research for flexible displays and oxide-based LCD technologies,’’

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