donderdag 24 januari 2013

MultiTaction multi-user, multitouch display solutions.


Helsinki, Finland-based touch display manufacturer MultiTouch Ltd. showed off its MultiTaction multi-user, multitouch display solutions and "enriched reality technology" at this year's International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

"Multi-user multitouch experiences are now part of the lexicon for designers and developers worldwide, and our booth at CES 2012 displays concept implementations of multitouch applications that explore a wide range of possibilities using our products," MultiTouch Americas GM Timo Korpela said in an announcement about the company's participation at CES. "We want to spark a greater level of ideation from the creative community with our new line of MultiTaction Cell products, and these demos characterize just a few of the myriad concepts that we believe will gain greater adoption in the coming year."

A show representative for the company, Whitney Green, showed off the technology for Digital Signage Today in an interview from the show floor — during which she demonstrated the unlimited touchpoints and enriched reality capabilities that allowed the touch wall to interact with other physical objects.

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