vrijdag 29 maart 2013

Art Museum Creates Interactive Visitor Experience.

Video wall allows interactivity with up to 16 people using RFID tags on iPads.
Visitors to the Cleveland Museum of Art and its Gallery One are engaging with displays and curating their own tours thanks to Christie MicroTiles and Christie Interactivity Kit.

Blending art and technology as part of a $100 million renovation, Gallery One's Collection Wall is a 40-foot wide multi-touch screen comprising two Christie MicroTiles video walls — each 15-units wide by 5-units tall — using the Christie Interactivity Kit. A 4-unit wide by 3-unit tall "Line and Shape" MicroTiles video wall with another Interactivity Kit is located in Studio Play, Gallery One's early (childhood) learning zone.
Inspiring visitors and motivating the younger, tech-savvy demographic to explore the museum's thousands of works, including Pablo Picasso masterpieces, the Collection Wall allows up to 16 people to interact simultaneously with the wall using RFID tags on iPad stations. The results they create also suggest further topics of interest. Visitors can personalize and build their collections, curating their own tours on the iPad using the museum's ArtLens app.

More info here.

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