zaterdag 2 maart 2013

Yota Devices presented the YotaPhone.

Yota Devices (a spin-off from Russia's Yota telecom) is the company behind E Ink's dual-display (LCD/ E Ink) phone shown at IFA 2012.

The smartphone with two 4.3" displays, a 720x1280 LCD and a 200 dpi E Ink. The company said they will production in Q3 2013, and today they announced that it signed a production deal with Singapore's Hi-P international (a company that produced Amazon's e-readers and other Apple and RIM products).

E-Ink at 2013 FlexTech Conference, Phoenix, Arizona.
E Ink was exhibiting at FlexTech 2013 conference, showing off the latest flexible and color E Ink panels and prototypes. Nothing new here, but a good intro to E Ink's current technology:

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